Monday, June 25, 2012

Operation Find the Floor

     There's nothing like grounding yourself by cleaning your art studio. A couple of days after getting over my jet lag, I made my way down to my studio, dropped off some stuff and walked right out and closed the door. It was probably the messiest it's EVER been- I mean I could barely make out the color of the carpet- messy... Every surface was covered with painting supplies, canvases, fabric, beads, paper, paper and more paper. I tried to forget about it while I busied myself throughout the week with our 14th Anniversary and Steve's birthday. I tried not to think about it while I lay in bed for two stinkin days with a cold and I almost forgot about it when we went to Manitoulin Island for one night. But, when I woke up on Sunday morning with the rain tapping on the metal roof of our camper, I couldn't silence the obtrusive calls from my studio... Somebody save us down here... This place should be condemned... LOL! As soon as I returned from the Island I got busy.

 I'm almost finished...I still need to sort out my writing nook... but I thought I would share a few snapshots of my newly cleaned and happy studio. Maybe tonight I'll sleep through the night... ;)

I decided to remove my monster bulletin boards... 
It was time for some fresh inspiration!

I spy two Mindy Lacefields! (This girl is popular)

I spy a Misty Mawn original here... (MAKE ART)
It was sitting on all our tables at Art & Soul!
I also spy four Kendra Binney's.

I spy Kate Daniel's photography here...


A fresh space to get working!

Stay tuned for my next post as I share my latest creative ART project with you!!!
(There's a tower involved ;)
Happy Monday kind souls. xoxo


  1. love seeing all of those art supplies and gorgeous art!!! off to paint in the backyard :)


  2. What a lovely creative space! I hope you have many a creative hours ahead here :-)

  3. Love the beautiful art space. Nicely matched with eautiful artwork.:D

  4. Love it! What a great way to add color and inspiration!

    What color did you use for the walls, I love it!

  5. Thanks for sharing your space, it's wonderful!

    Are those oil pastels on the left of your pic watersoluble like the Portfolio brand?

  6. I love the way you have your art supplies organized..i'm so inpired..:)

  7. Oh!!! I am so inspired here! What an amazing space you have here...your supply organization looks great! I have truly enjoyed my visit and will be back!

  8. I like the fun feel to your creative space :)


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo